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Removing tree's in Ottawa since 1986.

Fisher Tree Services is a forest, tree and vegetation management company that has been providing safe, cost-effective tree and land clearing services in Ottawa and eastern Ontario for almost 40 years. Founded in 1986 by Doug Fisher, the FTS team includes Doug’s sons Bryson and Kyle, both certified arborists.

We are a team of certified, professional arborists and forestry technicians that plan and safely execute all types of tree, land, and forestry management programs. 


The company has earned a reputation for providing great service with a solid track record of safety in its operations. FTS is fully insured and is a BBB-accredited business.

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Why Choose Us

“These Arborists are amazing.  They respect trees.  The crew was knowledgeable, safety conscious, professional, and the job was seamless.”

-KJ from Ottawa

Safety Is Top Priority

Safety is always our top priority. You can feel confident that we're taking all the necessary precautions to avoid accidents, injuries, and damage.

Positive Reputation

We've been working in our community for over 40 years and have developed a long and proud reputation.

Fair Pricing

We assure our customers that our company has a very reasonable price and without any hidden fees or suprises.

Environmentally Friendly

Whether we're clearing storm debris using carbonization or consulting on a forestry project, we keep the environment top of mind.

Professional Team

We understand that customer satisfaction starts with dependable service and our dedicated team takes pride in their work and service.

Quickly And Efficiently

Quick and efficient tree removal services that only 40 years of experience can provide.

Proudly serving ottawa the greater ottawa area since 1986


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